What Our Gym Offers



Our most comprehensive program in the gym with the widest variety of both strength and conditioning that develops a do-it all level of physical and mental ability. Our CrossFit classes consist of an hour long guided training experience where your coach will educate, challenge, and inspire you to safely and effectively push yourself to your potential on all fronts of fitness.



Personal Training

Uncovering and addressing individual needs is something everyone should do at some point sooner or later. Whether you are looking to jumpstart your progress from the beginning, address an injury, or push through a training plateau, you will not find a better solution than one-to-one training with one of our coaches.


HIIT Squad

HIIT is a total body conditioning program focusing on keeping you moving the entire class. HIIT classes have the same structure and intensity of CrossFit class without the barbell movements and heavy lifting. Each session begins with body weight strength progressions and ends with a challenging conditioning circuit. You won’t find a more effective HIIT class anywhere else! See our schedule for a full class listing.


Barbell Club

Our Olympic Weightlifting class is held once a week on Saturday morning for athletes who are interested in developing their technique and skill in the snatch and the clean & jerk. The one hour class will focus solely on Olympic and auxiliary lifts that will help develop efficiency and coordination in the snatch, clean and jerk and other related lifts.

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